• Enjoy the serenity of rolling hills and century old oak trees
  • Our Lovely Ladies (Lucy, Buttercup, Dolly & Misty)

  • Wildlife abound! There is always movement on the property.  Come check out the locals...

The Ranch House


Come and see the new home - It is truly a labor of love

Let’s Race


We have several residents at the farm - some are a little slower than others :) Meet Shelly

A Father’s Touch


It is not often that you come across such a simple thing that generates a single feeling of joy and sadness

Good Fences


Making good neighbors seems to be pretty easy - Meet some of our favorites


About Our Ranch

About 40 miles from the 54th largest city in the United States, Tampa, you will find the peaceful acres of Grand Oak Ranch. Rich in history ...

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What a Whirlwind… Still Spinning :)

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There have been a few changes in the landscape over the last two months.  Although stressful, the place looks great.  Sod and seeed are...